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We offer diverse employee trainings, ranging from fields like MS Office to Business English.
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We've worked with established businesses from various sectors, providing personalized content and high-value results.

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Our trainings receive highly positive feedback and evaluation from participants.

Step-By-Step Guides

Every participant receives detailed step-by-step guides to always be able to rehearse the course contents.

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Courses are available both for individuals and groups of participants in order to ensure the best match with your needs.

Personal Attention

Every course attendant can ask questions freely and receive personal attention during the trainings.

Feedback Matters

Feedback and evaluation is always taken into account when adjusting course contents and teaching style.


The contents of the courses presented below should be taken as guidelines. Modules can be freely removed, adapted or added to a course on demand, and entirely new courses can be created specifically according to your needs.

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Ms PowerPoint

Ms Word

Business English

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