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Our clients

Our clients

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Why us

Small dedicated team

We have a strong technical background, combined with a demonstrated history of successfully completed projects. We always dedicate our fullest attention to each task.

Project management

We have a structured, yet flexible project management approach that allows us to keep you up-to-date and ensure all tasks are on track.

Problem solving

It’s our priority to understand and solve the problems you encounter. All of our services are built on finding an optimal solution suited for your business.

Complete Service

We’re offering the full package. From taking care of your design and website, all the way to optimising your processes and analyzing  key data.

Webflow Development

If you want a fast, fully responsive and beautifully built website with no extra time wasted on coding - Webflow is the way to go. Premium experience, great SEO, and many other benefits.
Page coming soon.

Excel Consultancy

From analyzing data and automating complex processes to producing reports, charts and dashboards, we can assist you with anyrhing Excel-related.

How we do it

Individual approach

We believe there’s no one size fits all - be it a design project, training or Excel task, we’ll discuss your unique goals and project needs in order to offer you the best time and quality solution.

Choose how we work together

Some of our clients opt for a one-time project and others count on our ongoing support. Whatever works for you, works for us!

Anywhere in the world

Our full spectre of design services and consultancy are offered remotely for both local and international clients. (We’re always open to meetings with local ones though!)

In-person and online

When it comes to training, our courses are usually conducted live at your office, but are also available online depending on your preference. Since the pandemic, we’ve optimised all of our courses for seamless online practice - be it group or individual.

Seamless communication

You’re free to choose whether we chat on email, Teams, or any other platform you’re comfortable with. We're also offering a Slack workspace, where you’ll be able to reach out to us at all times in a private channel.

Out in the open

You’ll always know what we’re working on and how your project is going. We’ll be at your disposal for any check-ups, chats and updates.

What our clients say...

The courses organized by Zachary and he, as a trainer, were both very well received. Course attendees found the courses very practice-oriented and helpful.

Borislav Domuschiev
General Manager @ DWise Factory

Tea is a very creative and methodical designer. We have worked on packaging design, social media content and other successful projects regarding brand image. The desire and passion she works with definitely affect the end result. A wonderful team.

Gergana Alexandrova
Sales Agent @ Montagne Jeunesse

GoForth helped the Association with the logo design they created for us. It perfectly represents our activities and our vision for development of the mobility of the future. I admire their creativity and ability to shape brand identity.

Radoslav Atanasov
Executive Chairman @ European Association for
Autonomous Transport and Open Systems

GoForth have helped significantly in the development of our visual brand identity. We worked on a variety of design projects, such as logo design, presentation design, web design & digital graphics - all with excellent results.

Dr. Liuben Siarov
Founder @ Iskam Imot

GoForth have been extremely patient, friendly, supportive and creative when it came to designing our music band logo. From discussing the idea, through the changes we desired and to the final result, we had the feeling of working with friends. I highly recommend their services!

Aleksander Danev
Two Hours Away
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