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Co-Founder | Developer, Trainer, Consultant

Zachary has a Bachelor’s degree in Management from the University of Vienna, Austria, and a Master’s degree in Operational Research & Management Science from Lancaster University, England. Zachary co-founded GoForth to bring together our best skills, and to bloom as a team that brings value to our clients and partners.

Zachary’s a management consultant, developer & trainer with over six years of professional experience in providing diverse automation and digital solutions to organizations.

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Co-Founder | Designer, Webflow Developer

Over the years, Tea has explored various design fields to find the niches that she’s most passionate about and that would be most efficient in helping her clients - web design, brand design & branded digital content. Brought together, these creative solitons can bring on a powerful positive change for a wide range of businesses and entrepreneurs.

For her, design remains a wonderful way to stay creative, meet inspiring people, learn, grow, and stay true to her values.

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Team Member | Legal Consultant

Peter has over 25 years of experience in the fields of law in different areas of both the public and private sector, 15 years of which on managerial positions in the financial industry.

For long-term partners and clients, thanks to his support we’re capable to expand our services with legal advice and consulting in the areas of corporate governance, group and company restructuring & optimization, administrative relations management, implementation and realization of organizational and business concepts, strategies, and plans.